Checks before and after updating the Joomla! CMS

These are some checks that we recommend you perform before and after updating your website's Joomla! CMS.

The Extensions > Manage screen offers three utilities to help you check the health of your Joomla! CMS:

  • Check Database
  • Discover
  • Warnings

Read any Post Installation Messages

After performing a Joomla! CMS update you may see a Post Installation Message prompting you to perform certain actions.

If you see any such messages and you are not sure what to do, just ask.

Read more: Post-installation Messages.

Optional additional checks

Not all Joomla! CMS users will want to familiarise themselves with their website's:

  • directory & file structure (via File Manager or FTP),
  • its database structure (via PhpMyAdmin), or
  • whether or not it is using the most appropriate version of PHP

but if you are responsible for a business or community group website, we recommend that you do.

This will enable you to continue to develop your Joomla! website with greater confidence.

For example, increased familiarity will enable you to:

  • check for and remove the remnants of uninstalled 3rd Party Extensions & Templates,
  • remove files from the ROOT directory which are not required for the Joomla! CMS to work, and
  • check whether the PHP version being used is appropriate and take the necessary steps if it is not.