Easier ways to display Banner Images

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The Banners Component is a useful tool for serving up 3rd party banners to your website's visitors, and tracking click through rates.

But for most users' needs it is over-complex.

Using the Banners Component requires familiarity with:

  • Banner Categories,
  • Banners,
  • Banner Clients and
  • Banner Modules.

There are easier ways to display BANNER images in your website.

We include two other ways in our WYNCHCO website designs:

  • RANDOM IMAGE BOX - our application of Joomla's Random Image Module, and
  • CALLBOX - an application of Joomla's Custom Module.


In a WYNCHCO website design a RANDOM IMAGE BOX is an application of Joomla's Random Image Module.

RANDOM IMAGE BOXES can be created by assigning a BOX Style Set to a Random Image Module.

RANDOM IMAGE BOXES enable you present an image randomly:

  • in any Position, and
  • inside Articles (when the LOADPOSITION Command is used).

Read more: Working with RANDOM IMAGE BOXES.

Banner displayed using RANDOM IMAGE BOX

modules randombox example above


WYNCHCO website designs include exemplar CALLBOXES.

Each CALLBOX is a pre-configured CUSTOM Module ready to display a CALL TO ACTION:

  • in a specific POSITION, and
  • on a specific DEVICE or SCREEN SIZE.

Working with CALLBOXES is just like working with CUSTOM Modules.

Read more: Working with CALLBOXES.

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