Adjust Joomla! Redirects to avoid a bloated database

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We are regularly asked to bring an old Joomla! CMS website up to date.

And almost always we see that the Redirect Plgin is enabled but not being used on a regular basis to FIX broken links.

This results in one BIG overbloated database!

This is best avoided and since Joomla! 3.4 can be avoided easily by simply changing one of the settings in the Redirect Plugin.

Which setting?

Collect URLs.



When not actively fixing broken links, disable Collect URLs.

When you do you will see the following message when you select Components > Redirect from the top menu in your website control panel.

How to avoid a bloated database when using the Redirects Component


How to disable Collect URLs

We tell you how to disable Collect URLs in our WYNCHCO Joomla! User Guide.

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