A more user friendly way to present archived Articles

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The Joomla! CMS is equipped with a default ARCHIVED ARTICLES Module.

The purpose of this MODULE is to enable a website visitor to browse for ARCHIVED ARTICLES. 

A List of MONTHS is displayed in your website when the Module is published.

module archived articles front end


If you don't like the way the default ARCHIVED ARTICLE Module displays archived articles:

  • select Extensions > Modules from the menu at the top of your website's control panel,
  • browse for ARCHIVED ARTICLES using the filters above the list of Modules, and
  • unpublish it.

The image below is from a typical WYNCHCO website design.

It shows that the Module has been unpublished and assigned to the UNUSED position.

archived articles module

Custom Module called ARCHIVE

Instead of using the ARCHIVED ARTICLES Module we prefer to create and publish:

  • a CUSTOM MODULE called ARCHIVE and
  • an ARCHIVED ARTICLES Menu Link also called ARCHIVE (in the Bottom Menu).

Here is what the CUSTOM Module called ARCHIVE looks like when published in a WYNCHCO website.

module archive custom front end 

Note: the SEARCH THE ARCHIVE text is a link using the URL of an ARCHIVED ARTICLES Menu Link published in the Bottom Menu (see below).

Control Panel

Select Extensions > Modules from the menu at the top of the screen to see the CUSTOM Module listed in the control panel of a WYNCHCO website.

To see only the ARCHIVE Module use the filters above the list of Modules.

archive custom module

The CUSTOM Module is assigned to the Blog menu Link.

By default it is only displayed when visitors visit the Blog.



Location: Bottom Menu.

archive menu link

The default settings of the ARCHIVED ARTICLES Menu Link are shown below.

The ARCHIVE in the Front End

Here is what the ARCHIVE looks like in the front end of a WYNCHCO website design.

archive front end 


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