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joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukIf you are responsible for running a Joomla!® CMS website in a Business, Public Sector or Voluntary Sector organisation, this SEO Guide is for you!

Start here: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation.


Signposting used in this guide

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Strategy

Custom 404 Error Page

Disable PRINT Button

Fix Broken Links (using Redirects Component)

Headings, Heading Tags & Titles

Image ALT Attributes

Image TITLE Attributes

Menu Item Aliases

Meta Tags


Reduce Bounce Rates

Rich Content

Robots TXT File

SEO Friendly Page Navigation

Search engine friendly URLs

Speed up your website

SSL: Install Let's Encrypt

XML Site Maps

Useful SEO Web Links



Two very popular search engines in the UK are GOOGLE and BING.

Here we include some useful information to help you get started with using the search engines' Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.


Make SEO your #1 priority after Joomla! CMS Security

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukGood SEO is underpinned by good website security. If your website is compromised then it will be de-listed by the search engines, undermining all your hard work!

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We offer advice for how to improve your search engine ranking. We do not offer any guarantees that your rankings will improve as a result of this advice.