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In a WYNCHCO website design RANDOM IMAGE BOX refers to a Random Image Module which has been assigned a BOX STYLE SET.

RANDOM IMAGE BOXES enable you present a random image in any position.

modules randombox example above

Media Storage

We recommend creating a unique folder in your website's Media screen each time you create and publish a RANDOM IMAGE BOX.

Reason: when published the RANDOM IMAGE BOX will only present images from one Media folder.

Use instead of the BANNERS Component & Module

You can use the RANDOM IMAGE BOX to present BANNERS within your website instead of using the BANNERS component.

This requires use of the LOADPOSITION Command, which sounds difficult but is actually very easy.

Tip: only use BANNERS component when you are linking to external websites and need to monitor click rates.

Read more: How to use the LOADPOSITION Command.

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