Protect your device, browser & web connection

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When thinking about website security, it is easy to overlook the device used to connect to your website, the way you connect (your web browser) and how you connect (in the clear or via encryption).

The MELTDOWN and SPECTRE security vulnerabilities of January 2018 point up the importance of ensuring that you are using the latest available version and release of:

  • Operating System, and
  • Web Browser.

And that when you sign into any website you do so via an encrypted link (HTTPS).

To use the latest available version and release of operating system and browser is no guarantee that your personal data will not be stolen but it will significantly reduce the risk.

Likewise when you take the time to add an SSL certificate to your website.

DEVICE Operating System (OS)

The device you use to connect to the web should be using the latest available version and release of OS.

Tip for users of proprietary operating systems

If you use a proprietary operating system then pay close attention to User Account Control (UAC).

REGULARLY SCAN your computer for malware but don't rely on your anti-virus package; use a specialised application like malwarebytes.


The web browser you use to surf the web should be the latest available version and release.

For increased peace of mind when connecting to websites which you sign into, including the control panel of your website, you might like to try enabling Site or First Party Isolation. See below.

Tip for users of any and all browsers

Turn ON Browser Security Features.

Never let your browser remember passwords!


Make sure you always connect to your website and hosting control panel by secure encrypted connection when you are administering its content.


Make Joomla! CMS Security YOUR #1 Priority

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west uk

Configuring and getting the most benefit from the Admin Tools WAF can be challenging.

But if you consider website security is as important as we do then we can help.

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