Post-installation Messages

We recommend that you review Post-installation Messages immediately after updating the Joomla! CMS.

New messages will be displayed at the top of your website's control panel.

Example Messages

The example below shows two messages (on the left):

  • Stats Collection in Joomla!
  • Two Factor Authentication is Available

and Joomla! CMS Release News(on the right).

post installation messages reset

Visit the following links for more information about each related topic.

Read more: Joomla! Statistics Plugin.

Read more: Two Factor Authentication

Message Handling

You may choose to either:

  • take action (after which case the message will disappear), or
  • take no action.

If no action is taken then you may hide the messages from view.

How to Hide/Review Messages

Select the HIDE THIS MESSAGE button to remove any one message from the welcome screen of your website's control panel.

To review hidden messages:

  1. select Components > Post-installation Messages from the menu at the top of your website's control panel, and
  2. select the REST MESSAGES button (see image below).

post installation messages 

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