Position Maps

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukEvery Joomla! Template contains a number of POSITIONS.

Each POSITION has a unique name and is a placeholder for one or more Modules.

A Module is a mechanism for controlling when and where to present almost any kind of website content in a Joomla! website.

Published MODULES will not be visible in your website until they have been ASSIGNED to a POSITION.


In a WYNCHCO website design, the Position to which a Module is assigned will also determine WHEN it is visible, depending upon:

  • the device and
  • screen size

used by the visitor.

The Position to which a Module has been assigned will determine whether it is visible on:

  • PCs & Tablets (landscape) only, 
  • Phones & Tablets (portrait) only, or
  • ALL devices regardless of screen size.

Change visibility settings of Positions

You can edit or remove a POSITION Style Set to change which device any one Position is visible on.

For example, whilst the LEFT and RIGHT Positions are by default visible only on PCs & Tablets (landscape), you can change this.

Read more: Working with POSITION Style Sets.