Enhanced MENU LINKS Style Set

menu2panel default left open

PANELLED Menus offer an interesting alternative method for displaying complex Menus on small screens, for example, on Phones & Tablets (portrait).

Unfortunately, the CORE Joomla! CMS does not support the presentation of complex drop-down menus 1 like the one shown here.

But we can upon request install and configure a suitable 3rd party extension for you.

When we do we will create a CUSTOM Style Set to enable you to change the look & feel of Menus displayed by such an extension.

1 Complex Menu = Menu comprising Menu Links, Sub-Menu Links, Sub-Sub-Menu Links etc.

EXAMPLE: Menu2Panel Module

Menu2Panel is a commercial module which requires payment of a subscription to the developer.

JED: Menu2Panel Module.


The Menu2Panel Module offers two alternative formats:

  • DEFAULT Layout and 
  • DL Layout.

menu2panel default left open

See illustrations of each format below.

Just ask if you would like to see a demonstration of a WYNCHCO website design using the Menu2Panel Module.

Installation & Configuration

Maybe you would like to try using the Menu2Panel Module with your own website?

If you do then we recommend that you perform a full website backup before installation of this 3rd party extension.

Need help? Just ask.

Read more: How to back up your website.


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