How to change the Look & Feel

WYNCHCO website designs enable you to publish Modules OFF CANVAS using a position called FLOAT.

Modules displayed in the FLOAT position are ideal for displaying a CALL TO ACTION message.

For example: Need help? Call ... 

A Module assigned to the FLOAT Position will be displayed at the:

  • bottom,
  • left and
  • right

edge of the screen, depending upon which Style Set is assigned to it.

See image below.


Exemplar FLOAT Modules

A FLOAT Module is a Module which has been assigned one of the following Style Sets:

  • float-bottom,
  • float-left, and
  • float-right.

WYNCHCO website designs include three exemplar FLOAT Modules - see image below.

A Module assigned the FLOAT-BOTTOM Style Set will be displayed at the bottom edge of the screen, and so on.

We tell you how to assign a Style Set to a Module in our Working with Modules article.

Read more Working with Modules.


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