Types of Menu Link

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This wide range of options enables you to present website content to visitors in the most appropriate way.

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Available Groups of Menu Links

The many different types of Menu Link are organised in groups, as shown below.

Of all these groups, the one called Articles is perhaps the one you will use most.

It contains two very useful menu link types:

  1. the Single Article Menu Link,
  2. and the Category Blog Menu Link.

Read more: Article Menu Links.

Groups of Menu Links

Archived Articles
Display all archived articles.

Category Blog
Displays article introductions in a single or multi-column layout.

Category List
Displays a list of articles in a category.

Create Article
Create a new article.

Featured Articles
Show all featured articles from one or multiple categories in a single or multi-column layout.

List All Categories
Shows a list of all the article categories within a category.

Single Article
Display a single article.

Display Site Configuration Options
Displays basic site configuration options.

Display Template Options
Displays template parameter options if the template allows this.

Featured Contacts
This view lists the featured contacts.

List All Contact Categories
Shows a list of contact categories within a category.

List Contacts in a Category
This view lists the contacts in a category.

Single Contact
This links to the contact information for one contact.

List All News Feed Categories
Show all the news feed categories within a category.

List News Feeds in a Category
Show all news feeds within a category.

Single News Feed
Show a single news feed.

Search Form or Search Results
Display search results.

The default search layout.

An external or internal URL.

Menu Heading
A heading for the parent of submenu items.

Menu Item Alias
Create an alias to another menu item.

A separator with or without a text label, useful to separate items within a menu.

Compact list of tagged items
List of items that have been tagged with the selected tags.

List of all tags
This links to a detailed list of all tags.

Tagged Items
This links to a list of items with specific tags.

Edit User Profile
Edit a user profile.

Login Form
Displays a login form.

Password Reset
Displays a request to reset password.

Registration Form
Displays a registration form.

User Profile
Displays a user profile.

Username Reminder Request
Displays a username reminder request.

The WEB LINKS Component is now decoupled from the Core Joomla! CMS.

You will need to download it from the Joomla! Extensions Directory if you want to display WEBLINK Menu Links in your website.

List All Web Link Categories
Show all the web link categories within a category.

List Web Links in a Category
Displays a list of Web Links for a category.

Submit a Web Link
Display a form to submit a web link in the Frontend.

Iframe Wrapper
Displays a URL in an iframe.

How to Manage Navigation

We tell you how to create and edit Menus and the main types of Menu Links elsewhere in this guide.

Read more: Menus & Menu Items.


Contents include:

Configuration Manager.
News Feeds.
System Links.

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