What is a Template?

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The look & feel of a WYNCHCO website design is determined by three things:

its Content & Navigation Structure, its TEMPLATE, and


In this article we show you how to:

  • install and preview a Template,
  • change the Default Template,
  • assign a Template,
  • duplicate a Template,
  • add Custom Styles, and
  • uninstall redundant Templates.

We also explore:

  • Positions & Position Maps,
  • what to consider when changing template,
  • working with Style Sets, and
  • HTML Overrides.

Please refer to our separate article for how to change Look & Feel using the STYLE SETS included with every WYNCHCO TEMPLATE.

Read more: How to change Look & Feel.


Look & Feel

The Look & Feel of a WYNCHCO website design is mostly controlled by a Template's CSS files or Style Sheets:

  • template.css,
  • media.css,
  • more.css, and
  • diy.css.

A significant level of control is also implemented via a Template's:

  • XML and
  • index.php files.

Here we focus on CSS Files or Style Sheets.

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joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west uk

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