Enhanced MAIN BODY Style Set

The MAIN BODY is the LAYER of display which sits in front of the FOREGROUND in a WYNCHCO website design.

It is where all ARTICLES are displayed, as well as BOXES when published in the ABOVE and the BELOW positions.

On PCs & Tablets (landscape) it sits between the LEFT and the RIGHT positions.

On Phones & tablets (portrait) it sits between the PORTRAIT-TOP and the BOTTOM positions.

example mainbody

The MAIN BODY is by default OPAQUE.

In other words, the FOREGOUND and CONTAINER layers are hidden behind it.

If you would like to be able to control MAIN BODY OPACITY then we have good news for you.

Our Enhanced MAIN BODY Style Set enables you to make the MAIN BODY layer more or less TRANSPARENT.

It also enables you to change the look & feel of:


in the MAIN BODY in just a few clicks.

These options are useful when you choose to make the MAIN BODY:


and you want to maintain the readability of website content.

See note about COLOUR CONTRAST below.


This Enhanced Style Set enables you to change the following features with just a few simple clicks:

  • Main Body OPACITY.
  • Colour of TEXT.
  • Look & feel of LINKS.
  • Colour of BORDERS.
  • Look & feel of SEARCHBOXES.

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