Microsoft Reveals New Innocent Ways Windows Users Can Get Hacked

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukRelease date: 12 August 2020.

Latest newsletter from The Hacker News reports that Microsoft has today released its August 2020 batch of software security updates for supported versions of its Windows OS.

17 CRITICAL vulnerabilities are patched by the latest security update.

How do Microsoft say your Windows computer can be hacked?

These are ones to watch out for:

Playing video files — as a result of flaws in Microsoft Media Foundation and Windows Codecs;
Listening to audio — caused by bugs affecting the Windows Media Audio Codec.
Browsing a website — caused by bugs affecting the operation of Internet Explorer.
Editing an HTML page — caused by bugs in the MSHTML Engine.
Reading a PDF — caused by a loophole in the Microsoft Edge PDF Reader.
Receiving an email message — caused by more bugs, this time in Microsoft Outlook.

Quick Fix

  • Select the Windows Start Menu.
  • Open Settings
  • Click Security and Update.

See an update? Install it if one is available.


Frequently check for updates even if auto updates is activated.

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Keep Windows Up to Date

When thinking about website security, it is easy to overlook the device (operating system) used to connect to your website.

To do so would be a BIG mistake.

After all, where do you log into your website control panel from?

Your computer device.

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