Developer of Ozio Gallery releases v5.0.0

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Ozio Gallery enables you to present your images published on Google Photos within the body of your website.

The developer of Ozio Gallery recently reported that, from February 2017 onwards, Google will no longer allow users to publicly share their Google Photo albums.

The extension developer released Ozio Gallery 4.8.0 in response to Google's new policy to enable you to continue to publish your Google Photos images within your website.

Ozio Gallery 5.0.0 is released in response to the new Google Photos Library API. It also includes a number of bug fixes.

About Ozio Gallery

The developer introduced a limit of 30 images per album with Ozio Gallery 4.7.0 for users of the FREE version.

There is no limit when you subscribe to the COMMERCIAL version.

The COMMERCIAL version is offered at a very reasonable price and includes developer support.

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