EasyCalcCheck Plus (ECC+) v3.1.5 is released

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukWe like EasyCalcCheck Plus for two reasons:

1) We can confirm that developer Viktor Vogel's claim that the extension results in "No Spam!" is correct.

2) Viktor is proactive as proven by the release of two updates in the last three days, demonstrating commendable commitment and responsiveness to user feedback.

Why we like ECC+

The plugin protects core Joomla! forms and 3rd party extensions through implementation of internal checks and the integration of a wide range of anti-spam services.

The internal checks include an arithmetic problem, a self-defined question, a hidden field, a time lock and protection against SQL injections / local file inclusions.

You can see the arithmetic problem in use on this site on our CONTACT US page.

Use of an arithmetic problem is more user friendly than forcing visitors to select three images containing shop signs etc, which is the default setting when you choose to use Google's Captcha Recaptcha anti-spam service instead.

Google Captcha Recaptcha can also be used with ECC+ by the way.

Read more: about ECC+ in the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Read more: ECC+ Release Notes.


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