Joomla!® Certification Programme

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In 2013 the Joomla! Project introduced the Joomla! Certification Programme, a series of professional qualifications accredited by The Joomla! Project, beginning with the Joomla! Administrator Certificate.



The Joomla!® Certification Programme has been created to "ensure the competence of Joomla professionals through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge".

FOUR reasons for the new certification programme

  1. Establish a standard.
  2. Ensure competence and develop a qualified workforce.
  3. Provide a documented measurement of knowledge.
  4. Help Joomlers choose a service provider.

"Professional certification can play an important role in the decision of a company or business owner when hiring skilled individuals for specific roles".

Source: Joomla! Certification Programme.

What certificates will there be?

There will be three certificates aimed at different groups JOOMLERS.

  • Joomla! Administrator Certificate - available now - see below.
  • Joomla! Template Certificate (not yet available).
  • Joomla! Developer Certificate (not yet available).

We think the Joomla! Administrator Certificate has been launched first because it will appeal to the widest number of JOOMLERS.

Clearly, there are more users of Joomla! than there are template designers and developers.

However, in the professional context, perhaps the more valuable certificates to possess in terms of the job market will be the Template and Developer certificates.

We believe a higher premium will be placed on these by recruiters than on the Administrator certificate.


The Joomla! Certification Programme

You will find more details of the Joomla! Certification Programme in our Joomla! FAQs section.

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Update: October 2016

It was announced in the Joomla! Community Magazine in October 2016 that there were to be some significant changes made in how the exam is administered.

Read more: Joomla! Community Magazine (9 Oct 2016).


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