NAVBAR Style sets

How to change the Look & Feel

NAVBAR Style Sets enable you to change the look & feel of MENUS published in NAVBAR positions.

example navbars

Here's what a MENU published in a NAVBAR position looks like in a WYNCHCO Website Design before you change its Look & Feel.

What you can change with the NAVBAR Style Sets

Change the following features with just a few simple clicks.

Change the colour of::

  • NAVBAR Background,
  • NAVBAR Corners,
  • Menu Link Background,
  • Menu Link Text, and
  • Menu Link Border.

Change the size of MENU LINK text.

Add a chevron to Parent Links to announce the presence of a Dropdown Menu.

Change the minimum width of Dropdown Menu Links.

Change NAVBAR padding.

Change the appearance of NAVBAR corners.


WYNCHCO website designs include several NAVBAR Modules, each assigned to a unique NAVBAR position and ready for use - see below.

Result: lots of options for you to choose from when deciding how to display MENUS across a wide range of screen sizes.

By default in a WYNCHCO website design each NAVBAR Module displays the MAIN MENU.

But you can change this.

For example, each MENU Module can display a different MENU if you wish.

We recommend using two NAVBAR Modules at a time to display the MAIN MENU, one each on:

  • PCs & Tablets (landscape), and
  • Phones & Tablets (portrait).


Each position can be used to prominently display a MENU at or near the top of your website.

Here's what a MENU looks like in a WYNCHCO website design when published in each NAVBAR position.

Before you change its Look & Feel.

Change Look & Feel of NAVBARS

styles tabs navbar

Read on to learn how to change the look & feel of NAVBARS with just a few simple clicks.

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