Control what visitors see by Device & Screen Size

How to change the Look & Feel

control display by device and screen size

WYNCHCO website designs incorporate STYLE SETS which enable you to control how content is displayed 'on the fly'.

STYLE SETS determine which MODULES and BOXES are displayed depending upon the DEVICE and SCREEN SIZE used to view your website.

STYLE SETS are combinations of styles which we distill from the mass of code which determines what your website looks like.

These STYLE SETS make use of CSS3 @media Queries to facilitate control of when MODULES and BOXES will be displayed.

Such STYLE SETS enable you to vary:

  • LAYOUT, and

in response to the DEVICE and SCREEN SIZE being used.

For example, you may display a fast loading SIMPLIFIED version of your website on SMALL SCREEN devices.

And the FULL version on LARGE SCREEN devices.


  • Faster page load speeds on small screen devices.
  • Improved performance in search engines.
  • Improved visitor experience.