BOX Style Sets

How to change the Look & Feel

BOX refers to a MODULE which has been assigned a BOX STYLE SET.

BOXES can be displayed in any position.

example boxes


  • BOX,
  • SEARCH BOX, and

OFF CANVAS BOXES are designed for display at the edge of the browser window and very useful for presenting a call to action to website visitors.

The image below illustrates the breadth of available BOX Style Sets.

We include an un-styled MODULE in the image to illustrate the difference a BOX Style Set can make.

boxes composite

Exemplar BOXES

BOX refers to a Module which has been assigned a BOX Style Set.

The image below illustrates some of the exemplar BOXES we include with every WYNCHCO website design.

Note: This image does not show the TAB MENU BOX, SEARCH BOX or OFF CANVAS BOX.

exemplar content boxes


Here's a sneak preview of the difference a BOX Style Set can make when applied to a Module.

Read on to learn how to assign a BOX Style Set to a Module.

Change the look & feel of BOXES

styles tabs boxes

When you ASSIGN a BOX Style Set to a Module, you can change its look & feel with just a few simple clicks.

It is easy to globally apply style changes to each and every Module to which you have assigned a BOX Style Set.

Change a wide range of features to change the look and feel of BOXES, including:

  • Text colour,
  • Link colour,
  • Background colour,
  • Corner rounding,
  • Module padding

and more with just a few simple clicks.

And if you would like more power at your fingertips we can create more BOX Style Sets for you.

BOX Style Sets are configured to work with the Custom Module Background Image option included with the Joomla! CMS.

You can also:

  • change the OPACITY of OFF CANVAS BOXES,
  • change the alignment of SEARCH BOXES, and
  • change the vertical space between BOXES displayed in SIDEBARS.

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