What is a Template?

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A TEMPLATE is an extension but not any old extension.

It enables you to control the appearance of your website.



YOU control LAYOUT when you make decisions about CONTENT and NAVIGATION STRUCTURE, including deciding in which POSITION to publish MODULES.

WYNCHCO templates help you in this task by means of implementing the Bootstrap Grid System which is included with the Joomla! CMS.


YOU control Look & Feel by means of the user friendly interface included with every WYNCHCO template.

This user friendly interface is made possible through the combined use of XML and PHP.

WYNCHCO templates also combine the use of HTML and CSS Style Sheets to fine tune what your website looks like.

And from this mass of code we distill for you a compendium of STYLE SETS, or combinations of styles.

The combination of a user friendly interface and STYLE SETS is very empowering.

It enables you to change Look & Feel with just a few simple clicks.

We show you how in our separate article.

Read more: How to change Look & Feel.


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