How to change the Look & Feel

CONTAINER refers to the LAYER of display which sits in front of the BACKGROUND.

example container


website design layers 340Every WYNCHCO website design is comprised of four LAYERS:

Background, Container, Foreground, and Main Body.

Each LAYER comes with its own STYLE SET.

These STYLE SETS enable you to change the Look & Feel of your website LAYER by LAYER.

Change the following features with just a few simple clicks.

website design layers

Top Padding

Change the amount of padding above the CONTAINER.


Choose to display either SQUARE or ROUND corners.

Warning & Error Messages

Change the look & feel of messages as they appear in your website.

For example, when someone enters the wrong user credentials.

Login Module

Hide Login Module Username & Password Reset links and fields.

Change the Look & Feel

styles tabs container

Read on to learn how to change the look and feel with just a few simple clicks.

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