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We include exemplar content with every WYNCHCO website design:

  • Categories,
  • Articles (including Blog Posts),
  • Menus,
  • Menu Links,
  • and Modules.

This exemplar content is intended to guide you as you begin adding and editing website content.

You may wish to DELETE this content but we would advise you to instead UNPUBLISH it.

Reason: it will then be available for future reference.

The Joomla! CMS includes a wide range of modules to help you organise your website content.

We pre-configure the following useful module types to help you get started.

  • Custom Modules,
  • Blog Modules,
  • Breadcrumbs Modules,
  • Menu Modules,
  • Newsflash Module,
  • Random Image Module, AND
  • Search Modules.

It is better to UNPUBLISH rather than DELETE exemplar modules.

Or you may ARCHIVE them if you prefer.

Reason: when we pre-configure Modules we:

  • assign the Module to a POSITION and MENU LINKS, and
  • assign one or more STYLE SETS to the Module.

STYLE SETS determine:

  • the Module's look & feel, and
  • on which devices the Module will be visible.

You will be able to then use these exemplar Modules as a reference point when you create your own at a future date.

Indeed, when you create your own Module we recommend you begin by DUPLICATING an exemplar Module of the same type.

If you then mess up you can easily start over!

How to hide Exemplar Content

Regardless of content type (category, article, module, menu or menu link) it is very easy to hide exemplar content.

UNPUBLISH the exemplar content to hide it.

Unpublished content will be visible in the dashboard but not the Front End.

See later in this article.


Contents include:


Featured Articles.
Blog Content.
Menu Modules.
Custom Modules.
Random Image Module.
Search Modules.
Breadcrumbs Module.

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