Protect your device, browser & web connection

When thinking about website security, it is easy to overlook the:

  • device (operating system) used to connect to your website,
  • the way you connect (your web browser) to the internet, and
  • how you connect (in the clear or via encryption).

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To do so would be a BIG mistake.

After all, where do you log into your website dashboard from?

From your computer device via a web browser, hopefully using a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS).

To use the latest available version and release of operating system and browser is no guarantee that your personal data will not be stolen but it will significantly reduce the risk.

Likewise when you take the time to add an SSL certificate to your website.


DEVICE Operating System (OS)

FREQUENTLY check you are using the latest available version and release of of your device's OS.

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The web browser you use to surf the web should ALWAYS be the latest available version and release.

Whichever browser you use, we recommend using the DuckDuckGo search engine, in order to protect your privacy when searching the web (see below).

Tips for users of any and all browsers

Turn ON Browser Security Features.

Protect your privacy.

Turn ON Delete Cookies and Site Data When Browser Closes (Firefox) or equivalent in your browser.

Set default search engine as DUCK DUCK GO.

Never let your browser remember passwords.

NEVER trust website pop-ups that tell you to download a browser update.

FREQUENTLY clear the browser cache (short term memory).



Whatever web browser you use you have a choice of a wide range of search engines.

We like DuckDuckGo because of its privacy settings.

DuckDuckGo automatically blocks FLoC browser technology as well as tracking cookies.

Find out more about the benefits of DuckDuckGo at the following links.

Read more: About DuckDuckGo.

Read more: Block FLoC with DuckDuckgo.



Make sure you always connect to your website and its dashboard by secure encrypted connection when you are administering its content.

The same applies when signing into the Hosting Control Panel provided by your hosting company.

Also, periodically check whether or not your router (or modem) is still being supported with software updates issued by its manufacturer. In 2021 The Hacker Newsletter reported that Cisco had withdrawn security support for some of its older models.

What else should you do?


Let CAUTION be your watchword when using your Email Client.

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