Beware telephone scammers & fraudsters

We occasionally receive communications from Cheshire Police warning of telephone scams involving fraudsters posing as internet service providers or similar service providers.

These communications remind residents to be vigilant and include useful advice for how to deal with suspected telephone scammers and fraudsters.

Here is our slightly amended version:

  • Put the phone down on someone if you suspect they are a fraudster.
  • Be aware that banks never call and ask for your account or card details or ask you to withdraw money or transfer money to another account.
  • Never assume a caller is genuine just because they hold some information about you.
  • Always be wary of cold callers who suggest you hang up the phone and call them back.
  • Never call a suspected fraudster back.
  • Remember that it takes two people to terminate a phone call.
  • Check that the suspected fraudster is not still on the line before sharing sensitive information with anyone over the phone.
  • Ensure the telephone line is clear by using the same phone to call a relative or friend.
  • If you can speak to a relative or friend using the same phone then you can be certain that a suspected fraudster is not still on the line.

What if you think you have been conned by a fraudster?

If you think you have been a victim of a scam, contact your bank or card company immediately.

Also report the incident to Action Fraud and the Police using the non-emergency number: 101.

Contact: Action Fraud.

Contact the Police: call 101.