Keep Spambots Out!

The Joomla! 4 CMS by default uses javascript to protect email addresses which you publish using the Contact component.

This helps prevent email addresses from being harvested by web scourers.

Two steps you could take to stop spambots from abusing your hospitality are:

  • Disable user registration.
  • Disable your website's contact form.

You can of course enable both and we tell you how at the following links:

Read more: Manage Users.

Read more Manage Contacts.


Implement a simple user policy

Use it to screen out spambots at the point of entry.

By all means enable user registration but configure user registration settings to ensure that you as Administrator have to confirm registration before new users can log into your website.

If you do then you can screening new users using the website.

If the user name or email is listed, delete the new user account. End of!

Read more: Manage Users.


A great free to use online database of usernames, email and IP addresses of known spambots.

Search the BotScout database.


If you choose to enable:

  • user registration, or
  • your website's contact form

then you may wish to consider using this 3rd party extension: ECC+.

Read more: Joomla! Extensions Directory.