Installer Plugins

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukJoomla! is equipped with a range of Installer Plugins to enable you to install and update 3rd party extensions, should you not be able to do so using the Joomla! Update Component (recommended method).

One of these plugins - the Install from Folder Plugin - may be used to 'manually' update your website's Joomla! CMS should you not be able to update it using the Joomla! Update Component.

But if you have to resort to 'manually' updating the Joomla! CMS then it may be time to look for an alternative hosting provider.

Reason: this should NOT be necessary.

Contact your hosting provider's Technical Support in the first instance.

If they cannot help - migrate your website to a server which supports using the Joomla! Update Component.

Need further help and advice. Just ask.

Contact WYNCHCO Customer Support.


FOUR Alternative Installer Plugins

The Joomla! CMS includes four alternative Installer Plugins to help you keep your website up to date:

  • Install from Upload Plugin,
  • Install from Folder Plugin,
  • Install from URL Plugin, and
  • Install from Web Plugin.

We review the FOUR plugins in this article and tell you how you can deactivate those which you do not plan to use.

For example, in a WYNCHCO Website Design the Install from URL Plugin is deactivated by default.

We explain why in this article.

We also describe how to update an extension using each Plugin.


Updates can break your website.

Always perform a FULL back up of your website before updating extensions and the Joomla! CMS.

Read more: How to backup your Joomla! CMS.