Change the width of Modules

Use Bootstrap Size

The Joomla! CMS incorporates the Bootstrap Grid System.

WYNCHCO website designs make full use of this useful feature.

The width of most Modules in a WYNCHCO website design is determined by the Module's Bootstrap Size.

The Joomla! CMS

The default Bootstrap Size in the Joomla! CMS is 0.

We recommend changing this value when you create a new Module.

What should the value be?

Use our exemplar Modules as a guide.

You can change the Bootstrap Size under the Advanced tab of the Module screen in your website's control panel.

See image.

bootstrap size 0 default

WYNCHCO Website Designs

In a WYNCHCO website design we include lots of exemplar Modules.

Each one is assigned a Bootstrap Size.

The Bootstrap Size can be seen in the Module screen of your website's control panel under the Advanced tab.

See examples below.

Mobile Devices in Portrait View

In a WYNCHCO website design, regardless of Bootstrap Size, Modules are displayed one above the other on:

  • Phones, and
  • Tablets other than iPad (portrait).

For example

Modules published in the ABOVE position will be displayed:

  • side by side when viewed on a Tablet (landscape view), and
  • one above the other when viewed on a Tablet (portrait view).


Bootstrap Size and SEARCH BOXES

Bootstrap Size can be used to change the width of SEARCH BOXES.

But there is another way.

We cover both ways of changing the width of SEARCH BOXES in our separate article.

Read more: Working with SEARCH BOXES.


Bootstrap Size and Modules displayed inside Articles

Bootstrap Size of 1-12 can result in left indentation when applied to Modules displayed inside Articles using the LOADPOSITION Command.

We explain how to correct such indentation in our separate article.

Read more: The LOADPOSITION Command.