Custom Module BACKGROUND 

A unique feature of the CUSTOM MODULE is its OPTIONS tab.

This tab enables you to add a BACKGROUND Image to a CUSTOM MODULE.

See image.

module custom edit 3 options 

Custom Module BACKGROUND Images

Here are three examples of how a background image can enhance the display of a Custom Module.

How to display a BACKGROUND Image

Use the SELECT Button under the OPTIONS tab - see above image - to browse for an image to display as the Custom Module BACKGROUND.

Suitable images might include a:

  • solid colour swatch,
  • repeating pattern or
  • photograph.

We include exemplar background images in the BACKGROUND folder of the MEDIA screen of a WYNCHCO website design. 

But you may choose to display any image from any MEDIA folder.

Here's how to find an image to display as a Custom Module BACKGROUND.

Check Colour Contrast when you choose to display a Background Image

When you choose to display a BACKGROUND IMAGE in a CUSTOM Module you should consider the needs of all your website's visitors, including those who may be visually impaired.

Do check that your choice of Background Image does not reduce the level of colour contrast between the background and foreground text.

Two reasons:

  1. to maintain readability, and
  2. to avoid discriminating against visually impaired users.

We recommend: Check colour contrast using the WebAIM Colour Contrast Checker.


Adjust Custom Module PADDING when you display a Background Image

You may wish to adjust the CUSTOM Module's padding after adding a BACKGROUND image.

Padding will insert space between the Module's content and its edges.

Read more: How to adjust Custom Module Padding.