How to edit a Custom Module

Here we tell you how to edit a Custom Module.

You can use the Content Editor to add or edit content in a Custom Module rather like you would in an Article.

And Users with Special Permissions can edit Custom Modules from the Front End (after signing in).

Front End

You can edit a CUSTOM MODULE in the Front End of your website in the same way as you would an ARTICLE.

Sign in and look for a small button at the top right of the CUSTOM MODULE you want to edit.

See image below.

Click on the button to see the Content Editor panel.

edit module front end

Control Panel

Edit a CUSTOM MODULE after signing into your website's control panel in the same way as you would edit an ARTICLE.

Custom Module HEADINGS

The CUSTOM BOX Style Set enables you to change the colour and background of a Module's TITLE when it is using a h2 Heading tag.

But your choice will also be applied to ALL other h2 Headings within the body of a Module to which you have assigned the CUSTOM BOX Style Set.

For this reason, we recommend not assigning h2 Heading tags to headings within the body of a Module using the CUSTOM BOX Style set.

Assign a h3 Heading tag instead.

Read more: CUSTOM BOX Style Set.