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What is the Joomla!® Project?

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west uk"Joomla! is a global, non profit, Open Source project working with only volunteers and their contributions."

Source: The Joomla! Project.


The Joomla! Project's Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide a multilingual, flexible and free platform for digital publishing and collaboration, made and sustained by volunteers. The platform should be stable, secure and extensible. Adapting the latest technologies to the core product to be innovative and renewing as a platform."

"Our mission is to provide a stable tool for agencies, web-builders, SMB’s and non-profits to easily build, extend, maintain and edit an online publishing platform."

"For our end users our aim is that they are able to input, edit and distribute content within the CMS frontend without a big learning curve."

Source: The Joomla! Project's Mission Statement.


The Joomla! Project's Vision Statement

  • "Establish, maintain and support a global community of volunteers.
  • Open Source Software that is free, secure, and high-quality.
  • Engage ourself as a socially responsible project.
  • Build trust with all our users and therefore becoming a stronger community.
  • Communicate openly on all levels of the community and about our software.
  • Act autonomously as a project."

Source: The Joomla! Project's Vision Statement.


The Joomla! Project's Key Values

  • "Freedom.
  • Equality.
  • Trust.
  • Community.
  • Collaboration.
  • Usability.
  • Transparency."

Source: The Joomla! Project's Key Values.


How you can get involved

"Volunteers are key to our growth and success. Contributing to Joomla! is easy and will give you great satisfaction. Anyone can contribute, whatever your skillset is, with as much time as you want. It’s also a great way to give back to your beloved CMS." Source: The Joomla! Project.

Visit the following links to find out how anyone and everyone can contribute to the Joomla! Project.

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More Useful Links

What is Open Source?

"Open Source software is software that can be freely accessed, used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone." Source: Open Source Initiative.

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The Joomla! Project is supported by Open Source Matters (OSM)

"Open Source Matters (OSM) is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in the United States, created to serve the financial and legal interests of the Joomla project. OSM has been designed to be flexible and change as the needs of Joomla! expand. At all times, OSM is fashioned to suit the needs of the Joomla project. OSM will also engage in regular self-assessment to ensure it is accountable to Joomla!, acting in Joomla!'s interest and ensuring that it is the right shape and size to support Joomla!."

Source: Open Source Matters.


WYNCHCO Joomla! CMS Support

We coach, help and support managers with responsibility for Joomla! websites in organisations across Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, North West England & the UK.

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