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Where can I find Joomla!® video training resources?

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The Joomla! Project launched its new Video Training website in 2016.

It offers video training resources for use by anyone without charge.

JOOMLERS working towards the new Joomla! Administrator Certificate as part of the Joomla! Projects's new Joomla! Certification Programme will find some of these resources useful.

The best of the batch is the Beginners Guide to Joomla! 3.

It offers clear visuals supported by great sound quality.

At the time of writing, the sound quality was under par on some of the other videos when we played them, for example, How to improve SEO.

In these instances the voice over sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom.

But hey, these are FREE resources so it would be churlish to be too critical.

Watch for yourself: Joomla! Video Training.

Read more: Joomla! Certification Programme.


Overview of available video resources

  1. Beginners guide to Joomla! 3
  2. How to maintain a Joomla! CMS website.
  3. How to keep Joomla! CMS website safe.
  4. How to build multilingual Joomla! websites.
  5. How to improve SEO in Joomla! websites.

Learn how to use the Joomla! CMS

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Read more: Learn how to use the Joomla! CMS.