Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKThe Joomla! Update Notification Plugin sends one or more website administrators an email notification when a new release of the Joomla! CMS is available.

The email notification is sent by your website's Joomla! CMS.

It is not sent by The Joomla! Project.

How to review the Update Plugin settings

Select the Plugins button in the Site Panel of your website's Dashboard to browse installed Plugins.


Next, click the name of the Plugin highlighted in the image below to review and change its settings.

plugins joomla update notification

Heads Up

The image above shows the Joomla! Update Notification Plugin is disabled.

Reason: we actively manage our website on a daily basis.

Unless you do the same then we recommend that you do not disable this plugin.


Contents include:

How to edit Joomla! Update Notification Plugin settings.
How to disable the Plugin.
Example default email notification.

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