Joomla! Update Notification Plugin

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe purpose of the Joomla! Update Notification Plugin is to send one or more Joomla! website administrators an email prompt (notification) when a new release of the Joomla! CMS is available.

The email notification will be sent by your website's Joomla! CMS, not by The Joomla! Project.

In this article we include an example of the default email that will be sent to you (the administrator) by your website.

We also tell you how to:

  • limit which administrators can receive the update notification, and
  • disable the plugin if you would rather not be reminded.


Plugins Screen

You can view and edit  the Joomla! Update Notification Plugin settings when you select the Plugins link from the Home Dashboard.

The image below shows a list of plugins - including the Update Notification Plugin.

If you decide to disable the plugin, be sure to select the correct one, or there may be negative consequences for your website.


Disable Quick Icon plugins and you will not see warnings in the Dashboard when updates are available.

  • Click the Plugin's name to edit its settings (see below).
  • Click the TICK next to the Plugin's name to disable it.


We recommended that you do not disable the Plugin unless you are an active administrator.

Active administrator = someone who signs into the Dashboard every day.

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Contents include:

How to edit Joomla! Update Notification Plugin.
How to disable the Plugin.
Example of default system generated email sent to Administrators when Plugin is enabled.

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