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joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe Joomla! CMS enables you to make your website multilingual without the need for third party extensions.

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Making your website multilingual

One way and perhaps the most accurate (in terms of quality of translation) is to create Articles in the language used by the intended target audience, and create and publish a related Menu and Menu Links.

We would argue this is the best way if you can afford to employ the services of a linguist and accuracy is vital, for example, a legal document.

But if you are wanting to enable visitors for whom English is not their first language to be able to browse your website using their own language then you will need to consider other options.

A companion website, hosted on a server in the country of the target audience, and written in the language of the target audience could be one solution - one that might appeal to a business keen to penetrate an export market.

Using a Language Switcher Module to offer a range of different languages for website visitors to choose from within the one website is another,

The Joomla! CMS includes just such a Language Switcher Module to enable you to make your website multilingual.

But its use does require additional work on your part to configure your website to work with the module.

You may be in a hurry or not prepared to dive under the bonnet, in which case you might like to try using a 3rd party extension.

One such 3rd party extension we like is called GTranslate.


Contents include:

Core & 3rd Party Language Switchers.
Create a multilingual website without using 3rd party extensions.

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