Example: Copyright Statement

WYNCHCO website designs include by default a Copyright Module.

This may be used to present your copyright details when you want to display a long statement like the one displayed at the foot of our own website.

But if you are using a WYNCHCO Template with your website then we recommend you use it to publish your copyright statement.

The Copyright Module is by default not published.

Reason: it is easier for you to use the Template settings to publish your copyright details.

When to use the module?

We recommend using the Copyright Module when your copyright statement is very long, as is the one we display in our own website.

See image below.

example copyright long

Our very long Copyright Statement is actually comprised of two parts:

  • a long statement inserted using a Custom Module called COPYRIGHT, and
  • a short statement (last sentence) using the COPYRIGHT field included under the BRANDING tab of a WYNCHCO Template (editable via the Templates > Styles screen of your website).

Read more: How to edit a Custom Module.

WYNCHCO template designs include the option for you to add a Copyright statement to your website.


sitebanner copyright

Whatever text you write in the above field will be published at the bottom of every page in your website.



This statement will also be displayed at the bottom of every printed  page when someone prints out any one of your website articles.