Custom Module TEXT BUBBLES 

Display a TEXT BUBBLE in front of a Custom Module Image Background

WYNCHCO website designs include a Style Set called BUBBLE.

Purpose: to enable you to display Custom Module text in a lozenge (i.e. bubble) in front of a complex image Background.

Example: a photograph which contains light and dark areas, like the image background shown here.

bubble default

In such circumstances a TEXT BUBBLE, like the one shown above may be just what is needed!

You can add a TEXT BUBBLE by editing the underlying HTML code of your chosen Custom Module.

To view underlying HTML code in your Custom Module, select the button which looks like a cooker knob immediately above the content editor panel (highlighted in the image below).

And add the, also highlighted, DIV TAGS before and immediately after the text that you wish to display inside the BUBBLE.

Note: the Style Set is called bubble.

Get stuck or need help, just ask.

bubble code

Style Set Parameters

By default the BUBBLE will be displayed at the foot of a Custom Module and have a white background with curved corners.

But you can edit the default BUBBLE Style Set parameters in the style sheet called MORE.CSS.

The Style Sheet can be edited via the Templates > Templates screen of the website dashboard.

If you are worried that making such changes might break your website, no worries.

We can customise your website's Style Set to meet your specific needs.

Just ask.

Read more: Working with Templates.