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joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe WEB LINKS component enables you organise your website's links to external websites.

You may also create links to content within your own website - providing you use the URL of the destination.

The WEB LINKS Component is decoupled

Decoupled means the core component is no longer shipped with the Joomla! CMS.

Decoupled core components will in future be made available by the Joomla! Project for separate download and installation.

Once installed they can be updated like any other extension.

If your Joomla! CMS does not include this component then you may download it from the Joomla! Extensions Directory - see link below.

Download: Web Links Component from the JED.

Web Links will appear listed under Components in the menu at the top of your website's dashboard when the component has been installed.

weblinks component

After installing the component, select Components > Web Links > Categories from the menu at the top of the website dashboard.


Select NEW to add a new CATEGORY.

weblinks categories

After installing the component, select Components > Web Links > Links from the menu at the top of the website dashboard.

No WEB LINKS will be listed in the UNCATEGORISED category.

Select NEW to add WEB LINKS to a category.

weblinks weblinks

We recommend you change some of the default Global Settings.

To change the GLOBAL SETTINGS of the WEB LINKS component, select the OPTIONS button at the top right of the WEB LINKS component screen.

See image.

weblinks options

Changes we Recommend


This will force WEB LINKS to external websites to open in a new browser tab.

Otherwise the destination website will replace your own in the visitor's browser tab!

weblinks options target

2) WEB LINKS Category Layout 

We recommend you use the settings indicated here for optimal display of WEB LINKS in your website.

But hey, you can do your own thing if you prefer!

weblinks options category

Contents include:

The Web Links Module.
WEB LINK Menu Links.
Web Links and SEO.

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