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By default WYNCHCO website designs are pre-configured with just one contact called Contact Us.

Learn here how to manage your contacts - including your own contact details.

The Contacts component enables you to provide contact information, including contact forms, for your visitors.


Default Contact Details

The image below shows the default Contact Us details in a WYNCHCO website design.

They are non-specific.

You therefore need to add your own contact details via the Contacts screen.

To open the Contacts screen select Components > Contacts from the menu at the top of your website's dashboard.

Read more: How to edit contact details.

dashboard View

contact default cp


We have highlighted the Email field because its completion for any one Contact determines how the Contact's details are displayed in the Front End.

When an email address is added to the field, a Contact Form will be displayed on your website's Contact Us page.

When the email address is omitted from this field, the Contact Form will not be displayed.

By default in WYNCHCO website designs we omit an email address from the contact details.

This means there is by default no published Contact Form.

But when you add an email address to a Contact you will see the Contact Form in the Front End.

Default display of Contact Us in a WYNCHCO website design.

Notice there is NO Contact Form displayed.

contact with email off frontend

The display of Contact Us in a WYNCHCO website design changes after you add an email address to  contact details.

CLOSED Contact Form

The Contact Form is revealed when you click on the slider button.

contact with email closed frontend 

OPEN Contact Form

The Contact Form is revealed when you click on the slider button.

contacts with email open

How to show Contact Form whilst hiding your email address

Not everyone wants to display their email address.

It is possible to display the CONTACT FORM whilst hiding your Email Address.

Select Components > Contacts from the menu at the top of your website's dashboard.

Then select the OPTIONS button at the top right.

Under the CONTACT tab (see image below) you can then toggle between SHOW or HIDE for the mail address.

contacts options hide email address

Sliders vs Tab Display

By default WYNCHCO website designs will present contact details in slider format.

You may prefer to use a tab display.

You can choose this display format when you select the Options button from the top of the Contacts screen.

We recommend slider display format because it is mobile friendly.

Read more: How to change global Contacts settings.


Contacts Menu Links

When you make changes to any one Contact via the Contacts screen it will not of itself change the Contact Us Menu Links in your website.

To change any one Contact Menu Link you will need to use the Menus screen.

Read more: How to edit a Menu Link.


Keep out the Spambots

If you choose to display the Contact Form you should read how to keep out the spambots.

Read more: Keep out the spambots!


Contents include:

Create a Contact.
Edit Contact Details.
Create a Contact Category.
How to change global Contacts settings.
Keep out the Spambots.
Customise Contact Labels.
Add a custom Telephone Field to your Contact Form.

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