Search Component

The Joomla! CMS includes two SEARCH Components:

  • Search &
  • Smart Search.

WYNCHCO website designs include several pre-configured SEARCH BOXES for you to use.

Each one works with the SEARCH Component.

Read more: SEARCH BOXES.


Search Component

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe basic SEARCH component appears to meet the needs of everyday websites.

Even this content-rich website only makes use of basic SEARCH.


Smart Search Component

The Smart Search Component supports the creation of search filters.

These filters can be used to provide website visitors with a specific set of results in response to a search query.

The Smart Search component does not support the kind of deep search you may have experienced when using a Hotel or Estate Agency websites.

If you want to offer this kind of deep search in your own website then it will be necessary to find a suitable 3rd party extension.


Only use the Smart Search Module if you have indexed your content - see below - and have either:

  1. enabled the Smart Search content plugin (see below), or
  2. you are manually updating the index of your website's content.