Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukWhat constitutes a good Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

A good Search Engine Marketing Strategy will involve the gradual building up over time of back links.

Here are some examples:

  • good media mentions,
  • genuine back links, and
  • viral social media activity with links back to your website.

It also helps if you can get people:

  • talking about you,
  • referring to you,
  • linking to you, and
  • spreading the word about you.

It is essential that good landing pages have lots of relevant and useful content on them, and are linked to and organised in a search engine friendly way.

Keyword Strategy is paramount - see link below under Constantly keep modifying website content.

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FOUR tips to guarantee improved ranking in search engines!

Some Searching Questions

If your target audience is in the UK, have you:

  • registered a .UK domain as the primary domain for your website?
  • hosted your website on a server located in the UK?
  • informed search engines of your main geographical target?

Regardless of where your target audience is located, have you:

  • registered other domain suffixes (example: .COM and .UK) to protect your intellectual property?
  • consolidated all your back-link popularity by adding a Canonical Redirect to your website?
  • installed Permanent Redirects to funnel web traffic from your other domain suffixes to your main website?
  • created a Google account and signed up for Google Webmaster Tools (see links in this guide)?
  • created a Bing account and signed up for Bing Webmaster Tools?
  • added Google Analytics to your website to monitor visitor traffic (see links in this guide)?
  • signed up for Google Ads to benefit from using Google's FREE Keyword Tool (no need to buy ads)?


Learn how to search engine optimise your website

We offer coaching and training in how to:

1) develop a keyword strategy, and

2) write search engine friendly website content.

Read more: Learn how to search engine optimise your website.


Search Engine Optimisation


Make SEO your #1 priority after Joomla! CMS Security

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukGood SEO is underpinned by good website security. If your website is compromised then it will be de-listed by the search engines, undermining all your hard work!

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We offer advice for how to improve your search engine ranking. We do not offer any guarantees that your rankings will improve as a result of this advice.