Image TITLE Attributes

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukImage Title Attributes (sometimes referred to as Title Tags) are widely reported NOT TO ADD ANY value for SEO.

We do not therefore recommend using Title Attributes with image links to try and boost SEO.

We do however still recommend using them if their use will convey to website visitors something useful about the landing page.

If the latter is not the case then there is no need to add a Title Attribute to the image link.


TITLE attribute adds NO VALUE to SEO.

ALT attribute adds SOME VALUE to SEO.

IMAGE FILE NAME adds MORE VALUE to SEO than either of the above.


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How to use the TITLE attribute

The TITLE attribute for an image link works in the same way as the anchor text 1 for a word link and when used should clearly state what the image is linking to, be it to:

  1. another website,
  2. another Article within your own website OR to
  3. an anchor point within the same Article.


Example use of the TITLE attribute

So the TITLE attribute for an image of a plant acting as a link to a website about plants might state 'more about plants'!

Whereas the ALT attribute (see separate article) for an image of the plant might state 'this is a plant'!

TITLE attributes differ from ALT attributes in that they indicate what will happen when you click on the image.

Image below shows the Link Manager pop up window when you select the Link button in the JCE Content Editor.


Note 1

'Anchor Text' refers to the words used when a link is part of a sentence, or the TITLE attribute of an image-link.


How to add a Title Attribute to an Image

We tell you how in the Content Editor section of our Joomla! User Guide.

Read more: How to add a Title Attribute to an Image Link using the JCE Content Editor.


The Site Banner has a Title Attribute



You can change the Title Attribute text after logging into your website control panel.

Select Site > Global Configuration from the top menu and change the contents of the Site Name field.


Note: by default the website banner Title Attribute = the ALT Attribute in WYNCHCO website designs.


A word about Text Links

When using your website's content editor to create a Text Link you may see a reference to TITLE tag.

Ignore it.

Reason: the ''anchor text' of the link you are creating is sufficient.

Anchor Text = the words which comprise your Text Link.



We offer advice for how to improve your search engine ranking. We do not offer any guarantees that your rankings will improve as a result of this advice.