Image ALT Attributes

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukUse ALT Attributes (sometimes called Alt Tags) for ALL images!

But please note that an ALT attribute should be relevant to the image it is about!

And the fact that ALT attributes are NOT as important for SEO as the use of keywords in image file names.


TITLE attribute adds NO VALUE to SEO.

ALT attribute adds SOME VALUE to SEO.

IMAGE FILE NAME adds MORE VALUE to SEO than either of the above.


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How to add an Image ALT attribute

The image below shows the Image Manager pop up window when you select the Image Editor button in the JCE Content Editor.


Enter a short unique description  - using key words if possible.

Example: a picture of a big red London bus would have the ALT attribute: "big red London bus".

For SEO, ALT tags are second order (not very important) but you may wish to include one or two keywords.

Avoid stuffing long ALT tags with keywords; instead keep them short.

This will be of benefit to visually impaired site visitors and (less so) to search engine meta crawlers.

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Image File Names vs ALT Attributes

Image file names are reported to be much more important than ALT attributes for SEO.

So if you run a large eCommerce website, avoid reliance on product code alone for naming images.

Add two or three keywords as well.

Repeat these in the ALT Attribute.


Dealing with images used as Design Elements

For example: an image used as a screen background or bullet point.

We recommend that you leave the ALT attribute empty for such images.


Useful Tips for when working with Images



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