How to back up using Plesk

Read on to learn how to perform the following tasks in your Plesk Hosting Control Panel:

  • create a Backup File,
  • download the Backup File from the server, and
  • delete previous Backup Files from the server.

Back up your website using Backup Manager

This is a three step process.

Download Backup File using Backup Manager

This is a two step process.

Good Housekeeping

Download each Backup File from the server immediately after you back up your Joomla! CMS.

Only store the most recent Backup Files on the server.


Check Backup File after download

After downloading a Backup File, check it contains what it says on the tin!


  • your website's database, and
  • its directories & files.

Follow these steps to examine the contents of the Backup File.

Remove old Backup Files from server

It is a two step process using Backup Manager to remove old Backup Files from the server:

  1. select one or more checkboxes (to left of backup names), and
  2. select the REMOVE button (see above list of Backup File names).

Click image to view larger version.

plesk backup 4 

Why delete previous Backup Files?

Most hosting providers offer a limited amount of disk space.

The more Backup Files you store on the server then the less space will be available for your website and email accounts.

For this reason you need to decide how many Backup Files to keep on the server.

The last three Backup Files would seem a sensible amount if you back up your website every month, but the number will depend upon:

  • the average Backup file size, and
  • the total disk space available.

Always download Backup Files to your computer and store them in a secure place. when you do.


Plesk Documentation

Need more info? Take a look at the Plesk developer's online documentation.

Read more: Plesk Documentation.


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