Users, User Status & User Permissions

joomla support cheshire manchester merseyside north west ukThe USERS screen in the Dashboard is where you can change user login details and other credentials.

For example, username, password and email address.

Administrators responsible for websites with multiple contributors (maybe a business or organisation), can easily manage each User's CREDENTIALS, STATUS and PERMISSIONS via the Users screen.


The Users Screen

The Users screen enables you to:

  1. create New Users,
  2. edit the details of existing Users (example: change username or password),
  3. assign Users to User Groups,
  4. create Access Levels to better be able to control what different Users and User Groups can see when they visit your website.

In addition, you can turn ON or OFF User Registration.

Select Users in the Site Panel of the Home Dashboard to open the Users screen.

users dashboard public

How to change User credentials

Harden your website's security