Joomla! Help Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKThe Joomla CMS enables website administrators to control who can gain access to what parts of the website, and what actions they can perform when they do.

Joomla! ACL or Access Control was much improved with the launch of the Joomla! 2.5 series.

This enabled more flexible control of user groups and permissions than the previous series of Joomla! CMS.

Unfortunately, the Joomla! ACL System is very complex and hard to understand.

And this is the reason why we would recommend ACL Manager to anyone whose website is:

  • serving the needs of a large multi-language community,
  • supported by a large number of contributors, each taking responsibility for different parts of the website.


Community Website

A club website with a number of blogs, each run by a separate club member.

The website administrator wishes to restrict each blogger to only being able to edit their blog and no-one else's blog.

Multi-language Website

If you have a multi-language website you can allow a particular language user group access only to the menu of the language they manage on the website.


ACL Definition

"ACL specifies which users or system processes are granted access to objects, as well as what operations are allowed to be performed on given objects.” Source: wikipedia.


Contents include:

ACL Manager for Joomla!

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