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When you subscribe to a Hosting Plan with a web hosting company, you will usually receive user credentials (username & password) for a Hosting Account.

When you sign into your Hosting Account you will be able to manage your account via a Hosting Control Panel.

The Hosting Control Panel enables you to montor use of the resources allocated to your account, for example, disk space and bandwidth.

The Hosting Control Panel will also enable you to perform some important functions, for example:

  1. create mailboxes,
  2. periodically create a backup copy of your website,
  3. upload files to the server,
  4. view statistics and logs,
  5. create subdomains, and
  6. change your control panel password.

The control panel interface you see when you sign into the hosting account provided by your hosting company will depend upon which control panel package they are using.

Two popular website hosting packages are cPanel and Plesk.

The illustrations in this guide are for cPanel.


Introducing the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

cPanel is our preferred hosting control panel.

Here is an overview of the functions which cPanel enables you to perform.

Sign in securely

Only ever sign into your Hosting Control Panel using a URL that begins with HTTPS.

HTTPS signifies that the website you are visiting is protected by SSL.

In other words, traffic to and from the website is encrypted during transit. If intercepted it cannot be read.

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