Review Global Configuration Settings

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Global Configuration settings apply to the whole website.

This article is a brief overview of what you can manage via the Global Configuration screen.

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Harden your website's security

In 2018 the Joomla! Project recommended that Joomlers review and change their website's Global Configuration settings to harden website security.

The changes they recommended are illustrated below.

The Global Configuration Screen

Having made the changes outlined above, read on to learn more about Joomla! CMS Global Configuration.

As well as hardening website security, the Global Configuration screen enables you to:

  1. control whether search engine friendly URLs are enabled,
  2. change the site global meta data, and
  3. choose a content editor (other than the default editor provided, TinyMCE).

To view the screen select the Global Configuration button from the website Control Panel.


This article outlines some of the key features of each of the following tabs in the Global Configuration screen:

  1. Site,
  2. System,
  3. Server,
  4. Permissions, and
  5. Text Filters.

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