FONT Style Sets

How to change the Look & Feel

FONT Style Sets enable you to change the FONT FAMILY used by different website elements.

We include a range of Google Fonts in every WYNCHCO website design (see the list below) but you can easily change these.

And you can add more when you browse the more than 800 Google Fonts listed in the Google Fonts Directory.

We show you how in this User Guide.

Google Fonts

The Google Fonts included by default in a WYNCHCO website design are 'self-hosted'.

In other words, the fonts are included with your website's template.

Reason: to avoid the need for web browsers to call Google fonts from a remote server every time a website page loads.

Result: page load speeds are faster than they would be if fonts were loaded from the Google server.

Body Font

'Roboto', sans serif.

Headings Font

'Roboto Condensed', sans serif.

Site Title & Strapline Font

'Open Sans', sans serif.

How to change or add more FONTS

Read on to learn how to change or add more FONTS to your website's template.

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