How to upload files to your website

Ways of uploading files to your website include:

  1. via your website's Media screen,
  2. using the File Manager in your Hosting Control Panel,
  3. via FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

Some Joomla! Content Editor extensions also support quick and easy upload of files to your website.

We recommend: JCE Content Editor.

Read more: How to upload image files using JCE.


Media screen

Select the Media button after signing into your website's control panel.


Uploading files via the Media screen method is quick and easy.

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File Manager

cpanel files

When not using your website's Media screen to upload files, we recommend the File Manager utility included with your Hosting Control Panel.

Read more: How to upload files using File Manager.


FTP or File Transfer Protocol

Depending upon your internet connection, bulk transfer of lots of files using FTP can be very quick.

But in general you should avoid using FTP to connect to the server hosting your website when you want to upload files.

Instead sign into the Hosting Control Panel provided by your hosting company and use the File Manager utility.

Reason: the connection to your Hosting Control Panel will be by HTTPS (encrypted).

Your connection via FTP will be in the clear (not encrypted).

In both instances your user credentials could be intercepted as they are sent across the web.

But only in the case of FTP will they be readable.

A popular FTP client application is called FileZilla.

Read more: How to upload files using FileZilla.

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